Easy and Affordable Fast Fix for Harley Davidson Kickstand Spring Stretch or Failures

Kickstand failures are annoying at the least, always dangerous, maybe even fatal.

From bikerpost.com: “…went down hard Saturday afternoon after a broken spring on my kickstand allowed the kickstand to drop forward and catch pavement as I was changing lanes – doing about 60 mph…it was very sudden and very violent, and although I’m pretty much all right – a couple broken bones and the inevitable cuts, scrapes and road rash – it could have been a hell of a lot worse.”

The solution is simple. Get a Kickstand Kaddy for your Harley. It will keep your kickstand up if or when the kickstand spring fails.

Kickstand Kaddy fix for Harley Davidson kickstands

Fits all stock (1998 on) Harley Davidson kickstands.

What if your jiffystand (Harley Davidson kickstand) spring fails on your Touring Harley Davidson while riding down the highway?  There’d be a loud clanking noise, a spray of sparks — not to mention it would be difficult, potentially dangerous, to turn left if you need to!

Once stopped you would need to find some way to tie the jiffystand up so you can get home safely.  Trying to hold up your hot 750 lb. bike while tying up your jiffystand at the same time is quite a challenge — even for someone as strong as you.

You can easily avoid this unsafe scenario with a Kickstand Kaddy. After you install your Kickstand Kaddy, you won’t even know it’s on the bike!  It clips the kickstand in place every time you lift the kickstand up!

Kickstand Kaddy fits all stock touring Harley Davidson kickstands (1998 on).

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*Includes shipping and handling anywhere in the US. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back

harley kickstands made in the usa

Made in the USA

⋄ Kickstand Kaddy is easy to install! Only $18.95 – Order yours today!

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How the Kickstand Kaddy Works…Your kickstand is held up by a small heavy duty spring. All to often the spring can fail or come un-clipped from the frame. This can cause the Kickstand to be deployed when you don’t want it to be deployed..( In most cases your kickstand spring is the lowest part under you bike).

I developed a part called the Kickstand Kaddy.  The Kickstand Kaddy attaches to your bike’s frame where your kickstand follows along the frame tube when you are riding your bike.  Once the Kaddy is installed it’s working just in case your spring does brake.

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Sagging Kickstand Issues ?

Just checkin’ in with you Harley guys.

Do you have a sagging kickstand that once held itself tight up under the primary next to the frame tube.  But now maybe hangs down a little?

Why is this happening?  A couple of things to look for is the spring.  Or just replace it.  Maybe you did, and it still hangs down a little.

Your big ass heavy Harley Davidson bike puts all the weight on that kickstand and it could be something has shifted or flexed a little.  Some of you guys sit on your bike with the kickstand down.  That’s even more weight on that kickstand.

I’ve seen riders go down by getting their low hanging kickstand snagged.  You don’t want to be one of them.

If you use a Kickstand Kaddy the kickstand will clip into place and hold it steady until your ready to use the kickstand again. Problem solved. for only $18.95  Click here if you want to check it out.

Fits all the big ass HD touring bikes.

Go out there and ride the wheels off your bike.

Safe Travels,




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Could a Kickstand Kaddy Have Prevented this Motorcycle Accident?

I got a call from a customer named Randy about a few Harley Davidson Kickstand Kaddys he wanted to order. He said he was on the www.kickstandkaddy.com website a few weeks earlier looking at the products and the videos.harley davidson kickstand safety device

He told me why he called to order is that he was participating in a Biker Poker Run over the past weekend when there was a Bike accident involving a bike that the kickstand [spring?] broke causing the bike to run into another.

I looked up the accident and found the video and news info. Looking at the video you can see that the Kickstand on the bike is still attached.  This news makes me think that the spring on the kickstand failed causing the crash.

I wanted to share this with you all of the riders out there. This type of thing can happen
Check your kickstands and kickstand springs or better yet order your Kickstand Kaddy today. Be a little safer out there.

See you out on the highways – be safe!!

Here’s the news report on the Harley Davidson kickstand failure motorcycle accident:

Updated: Monday, May 5 2014, 07:24 AM EDT
A couple participating in a charity poker run had a close call on I-240 in Fairview Sunday.

North Carolina Highway Patrol says the accident happened at the on-ramp to exit 9. Troopers say the kickstand on the motorcycle broke and the couple fell off the bike and into the motorcycle riding next to them. Troopers say the couple was taken to Mission Hospital and their injuries were not life-threatening.

The couple was among about 250 bikers participating in “Hearts of Thunder,” raising money for Alex Gagner, 18. Gagner suffers from a rare genetic disorder and recently had open-heart surgery. Gagner is scheduled for a kidney transplant within the next few weeks. The money will go towards his medical bills and also to help pay for online college classes.

Donations are still being accepted. If you want to donate, call Chris at 828-707-7679.  Interstate 240 Motorcycle Accident.  For more info, and the video click here.


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Re: Kickstand Spring Life

Hey Guys and Gals,

I was looking at the Kickstand Spring  while I was shooting some videos and found that the spring will at some point will ware out and fail. It could happen 10k miles. It’s just a matter of time it’s going to happen. It could be when you hit 60k miles. So please protect yourself and others with a Kickstand Kaddy. Only 18.95…. it’s worth it… Your worth it.

See you out there on the roads.


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Harley Davidson Spring Safety Check

Hey Guys & Gals,

With the riding season upon us we want to be as safe as we can. Before the season gets too far along. I am hoping that my riding brothers and sisters check a few things on our bikes that are sometimes overlooked.

I have logged in over 40,000 miles on my Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Road King. I like to get the bike up in the air with a small lift and check a few things like the kickstand movement. I installed a Kickstand Kaddy when this bike was new to keep my kickstand more secure and safe. Looking over the movement on the Kickstand and the spring. Checking how the kickstand moves into the Kickstand Kaddy’s nylon clip and making sure that the Kaddy is tight up to the frame.  Check out our Harley Kickstands Testimonial page to see the video.

I like to Spin the wheels around and check on the belt to the rear wheel making sure the tension is correct.

I always feel more comfortable checking my bike out before a put a couple thousand miles on it.

As always be a safe as you can.

See you out on the highways.


PS – Feel free to comment here if you have a good Harley Davidson spring safety checklist …

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Custom Harley Davidson Kickstands

One of the simplest ways to make your bike different from all the others is to upgrade the stock kickstand with a custom kickstand. How custom you get depends on your budget, but the variations seem to boil down to a couple of basic themes.

Simple chrome kickstands for Harley DavidsonThe most basic upgrade is to replace the stock kickstand with a polished chrome kickstand. These come in a variety of shapes, but compared to the more ornate versions of kickstands are pretty plain. At the least they have a simple beauty above and beyond the stock utility kickstand.

Custom kickstands for HarleysWhen you’re ready to really personalize your bike, you will want to consider the many varieties of kickstands with cast shapes. The simplest of these build on the shiny chrome kickstands with a figure added at the foot of the kickstand. Common themes are animal heads, skeletons, or buxom ladies.

Custom kickstands stand out on a HarleyWhen price is no object, consider the more ornate, fully cast kickstands. Again, the common themes are animal figures, skeletons, and curvacious feminine figures. The most important consideration with this sort of kickstand is to make sure it is made from a solid metal like steel, or a steel alloy. Be very wary of cast aluminum kickstands which may not be designed to withstand the stress of a half ton bike.

Ornate eagle kickstandNo matter what kickstand you use, remember that the springs that hold them up have a limited lifetime. It is rare to know when the spring will fail, but you can avoid the problems that could cause by just adding a Kickstand Kaddy to your Harley frame to hold your kickstand up while you’re riding regardless of the condition of the spring. It’s only $18.95, and a whole lot cheaper than a whole new kickstand, repair or hospital bills.

Kickstand Kaddy fits all stock touring Harley Davidson kickstands (1998 on).

*NOTE:  the Kickstand Kaddy may not fit custom Harley Kickstands*

⋄ Kickstand Kaddy is easy to install! Only $18.95 – Order yours today!

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What to do if you break your Harley Davidson kickstand spring?

It is not a rare occurrence for a Harley kickstand spring to break. By accident you could hit a manhole, the bike bottoms out and the kickstand starts dragging. There are things you can do to prevent any further damage to your bike and to avoid similar problems arising in the future:

Tie it up

If you do break your kickstand spring immediately pull over and tie up your kickstand with either some wire or a rope. It will cause more damage to your bike if you leave it dragging, not to mention the show of sparks that will fly up behind you distracting others on the road.

Make friends with a welder

In most cases you are going to need a new spring or at least a welder if it was a clean cut. If you want to fix it yourself, prepare to spend between 2 and 4 hours on it. You will need to put your bike up on a lift ramp and buy a universal kickstand return spring. Oh, and know how to weld. We recommend you have a professional do this correctly for you.

Purchase a Kickstand Kaddy

A Kickstand Kaddy is a device designed to make an experience like a broken kickstand spring relatively uneventful. It is a small bracket that is designed to fit over the frame of your bike and you can click your kickstand into place every time you lift your kickstand up. It is easy to install and fits all stock touring Harley Davidson kickstands. And its only $18.95.

Avoid over-priced products

As with any big brand, they can market tools to help with damages to your bike but they are usually very over-priced. We would suggest you avoid them.

Safety first

If your kickstand drops while you are going at 60 mph plus you are likely to lose control and be off your bike in a heartbeat. It can be violent and sudden and possibly cost your life. Kickstands can corrode and drop randomly, having shown no signs of weakness. By purchasing a Kickstand Kaddy, you remove any worry of this happening.

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How to keep your Harley Kickstand from Rattling and Vibrating

One common problem we Harley riders face is when the little rubber kickstand bumper comes off.  I’ve had it happen to me several times over the years, and then the small metal nub that holds the rubber bumper gets worn as well as the frame casing.  The kickstand rattles, vibrates and makes an annoying noise.  A buddy of mine let his go for a while and it wore a hole in his primary case – EXPENSIVE!

harley davidson kickstands bumper

So, every time this happens, it’s a trip to the Harley Davidson dealer to buy an expensive rubber part.  Well, now there’s another solution.  Check out the Harley Kickstand Kaddy – it’s a custom aftermarket part that easily bolts on to your bike’s frame and holds the kickstand in place by simply clicking it in the secure clamp.  Check out the details on the Harley Kickstands Installation or Kickstand Kaddy Purchase pages.  You’ll solve your problem, save money and be more relaxed on your ride … you’ll be glad you bought one and be sure to tell your buddies so they don’t have to deal with this problem anymore either.

Here’s to fun and safe Harley motorcycle riding.

Kickstand Kaddy fits all stock touring Harley Davidson kickstands (1998 on).

⋄ Kickstand Kaddy is easy to install! Only $18.95 – Order yours today!

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Harley Kickstands’ Motorcycle Safety Checklist

cruising with harley davidsonHarley Kickstands and Kickstand Kaddy are dedicated to your safe and fun motorcycle riding.  Here’s a nice starter checklist to use in double checking your bike before a ride or regularly.  

This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list, so we recommend that you also check your owner’s manual for specific information, or ask your dealer or a qualified mechanic.

  • Check your headlights, tail lights, turn signals, horn and brake lights to see if they are working properly.
  • With your bike level, check all fluid levels (gas, oil, hydraulic, coolant) and make sure they are at the proper levels – your owner’s manual should have all the specs and recommendations.
  • Inspect your wheel alignment and play. If you have spoke tires, you may need to adjust the tension.   Also check your tires for wear and proper inflation.  Motorcycle tires are key to your safety for traction, cornering and braking!
  • If your motorcycle has a chain drive, check it for proper tension. A good rule of thumb is about ¾ inch (2 cm) of free play.
  • Make sure your side stand and center stand will remain in the up position while riding.  Be sure to check your harley kickstands‘ spring for wear or rust.
  • Approximately monthly, inspect your engine area and frame for loose bolts and fasteners. It’s a good idea to tighten to manufacture specifications.
  • Twist your throttle to check for smooth travel and no sticking. Refer to your owner’s manual if lubrication is required.
  • Squeeze your clutch and brake levers to check for smooth operation. Lubricate and adjust according to owner’s manual specs.
  • Inspect your clutch, throttle, and brake cables. Lubricate or replace as recommended.
  • Super important to check your brakes (front and rear) for proper operation, brake pads and shoes for proper thickness, and rotors and drums for smooth surfaces.
  • Also check your battery for proper fluid levels and terminals for corrosion.  If your headlamp dims significantly while starting your bike, you may want to check the charge level.

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Please Check Your Harley Kickstand Before Riding

Anyone who owns a Harley that’s older than 5 years old – or any motorcycle for that matter – please check the spring on your kickstand before going on a ride!

I found this post on the awesome blog bikers post dot com …

“went down hard Saturday afternoon after a broken spring on my kickstand allowed the kickstand to drop forward and catch pavement as I was changing lanes – doing about 60 mph.”  Fortunately he wasn’t hurt too badly.   “It was very sudden and very violent, and although I’m pretty much all right – a couple broken bones and the inevitable cuts, scrapes and road rash – it could have been a hell of a lot worse.”

His bike is a 1998 Fatboy, and he found that the kickstand spring was very badly corroded before it broke.  Sounds like it’s a good idea for us to keep our motorcycles covered or as dry as possible as well.

Another solution is the invention called the kickstand kaddy – it’s a safety device designed to prevent an incident like this.  Happy, fun and safe riding – and please remember to do your safety check before each ride … including your Harley kickstands.

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