Custom Harley Davidson Kickstands

One of the simplest ways to make your bike different from all the others is to upgrade the stock kickstand with a custom kickstand. How custom you get depends on your budget, but the variations seem to boil down to a couple of basic themes.

Simple chrome kickstands for Harley DavidsonThe most basic upgrade is to replace the stock kickstand with a polished chrome kickstand. These come in a variety of shapes, but compared to the more ornate versions of kickstands are pretty plain. At the least they have a simple beauty above and beyond the stock utility kickstand.

Custom kickstands for HarleysWhen you’re ready to really personalize your bike, you will want to consider the many varieties of kickstands with cast shapes. The simplest of these build on the shiny chrome kickstands with a figure added at the foot of the kickstand. Common themes are animal heads, skeletons, or buxom ladies.

Custom kickstands stand out on a HarleyWhen price is no object, consider the more ornate, fully cast kickstands. Again, the common themes are animal figures, skeletons, and curvacious feminine figures. The most important consideration with this sort of kickstand is to make sure it is made from a solid metal like steel, or a steel alloy. Be very wary of cast aluminum kickstands which may not be designed to withstand the stress of a half ton bike.

Ornate eagle kickstandNo matter what kickstand you use, remember that the springs that hold them up have a limited lifetime. It is rare to know when the spring will fail, but you can avoid the problems that could cause by just adding a Kickstand Kaddy to your Harley frame to hold your kickstand up while you’re riding regardless of the condition of the spring. It’s only $18.95, and a whole lot cheaper than a whole new kickstand, repair or hospital bills.

Kickstand Kaddy fits all stock touring Harley Davidson kickstands (1998 on).

*NOTE:  the Kickstand Kaddy may not fit custom Harley Kickstands*

⋄ Kickstand Kaddy is easy to install! Only $18.95 – Order yours today!

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  1. Frank A Kowalczyk says:

    Will the Kaddy fit a 99 Fatboy?
    thanks for your time

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