What to do if you break your Harley Davidson kickstand spring?

It is not a rare occurrence for a Harley kickstand spring to break. By accident you could hit a manhole, the bike bottoms out and the kickstand starts dragging. There are things you can do to prevent any further damage to your bike and to avoid similar problems arising in the future:

Tie it up

If you do break your kickstand spring immediately pull over and tie up your kickstand with either some wire or a rope. It will cause more damage to your bike if you leave it dragging, not to mention the show of sparks that will fly up behind you distracting others on the road.

Make friends with a welder

In most cases you are going to need a new spring or at least a welder if it was a clean cut. If you want to fix it yourself, prepare to spend between 2 and 4 hours on it. You will need to put your bike up on a lift ramp and buy a universal kickstand return spring. Oh, and know how to weld. We recommend you have a professional do this correctly for you.

Purchase a Kickstand Kaddy

A Kickstand Kaddy is a device designed to make an experience like a broken kickstand spring relatively uneventful. It is a small bracket that is designed to fit over the frame of your bike and you can click your kickstand into place every time you lift your kickstand up. It is easy to install and fits all stock touring Harley Davidson kickstands. And its only $18.95.

Avoid over-priced products

As with any big brand, they can market tools to help with damages to your bike but they are usually very over-priced. We would suggest you avoid them.

Safety first

If your kickstand drops while you are going at 60 mph plus you are likely to lose control and be off your bike in a heartbeat. It can be violent and sudden and possibly cost your life. Kickstands can corrode and drop randomly, having shown no signs of weakness. By purchasing a Kickstand Kaddy, you remove any worry of this happening.

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3 Responses to What to do if you break your Harley Davidson kickstand spring?

  1. Triny says:

    Will this work on a 2008 Harley Heritage Softtail Classic (FLSTC)?
    I’m not sure my stock kickstand is close enough to the frame.

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